The series Nowhere explores the notion of culture and identity. We don’t always accept transition, since we feel most comfortable when we have reached a state of stability in our lives. The one constant refuge for us is the idea of home. I am intrigued by the way we present ourselves both inside and outside of our private space, in a place that leaves us with our own personal association. Myself, I notice a shift in my sensibility when I use a different language it becomes a mediation, the way I relate to a person and assimilate myself into a cultural milieu. A reinvention of culture, values and tradition occurs as meaning is found in an attempt to construct something else in its place. The contact from one person to another is an exchange, at times its quiet, sometimes isolated, at other times there is an understanding and it slowly begins to reveal itself. The perception of oneself, who we are and want to be is so often placed within cultural boundaries, as the notion of self is changed with time pulled, pushed and transformed until one day it becomes.